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My little corner of the web for the things I do. jdpdev@jdpdev.net dupersaurus

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My collection of projects and curiosities in various states of (dis)repair.

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jdp art

My side hustle is art. Printmaking and illustration.

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travelcal (React)

A calendar optimized for planning trips. Helps keep track of where you are at any moment, know what time you have available, and catalog what you want to do.


WUSH (node)

A project looking to capture the functionality and community of an old-school MUSH, but with the modern-day conviences of a web app. For when you don't have the time to commit to real-time, but find that forums cramp the way you want to play.


Sandlot Base-no-ball (JS)

When you go to your sandlot but find you've forgot your ball, there's no choice but to LARP your baseball game. Finalist SomethingAwful GameDev Challenge 2015

Made with Phaser

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My personal fencing referee app. I was left unsatisfied with other app out there, so I used my experience as a UI developer and an official to design an app with a referee's needs in mind.

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